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Pediatric Dental Care

Maintaining good oral health among children is essential for their well-being and healthy development. However, we see a growing number of children with dental issues. Some of the issues are caused by genetic predispositions. However, others are the results of bad diet, bad habits, and inadequate oral hygiene.

At Indigo Dental Clinics, we help our young patients prevent and treat dental issues.

To take care of children’s oral health, we offer:

Routine check-ups – during routine visits to Indigo clinic, a dentist inspects the condition of the oral cavity, teeth and gums; looks at the effect of thumb sucking and pacifiers; determines whether a child needs additional fluorine; and explains how to clean one’s teeth to have a happy and healthy mouth.      

Sealing Fissures –  in order to avoid cavities, we seal fissures. This procedure does not require drilling or filling teeth. First, a tooth is cleaned, and afterwards a special gel is placed on it for several minutes. Next, the tooth is washed and dried. Finally, the fissure is sealed. Sometimes a laser is used to dry the emboss. After several minutes, a protective layer is formed on the outer part of a tooth that lasts for 5-10 years.

How parents can help their children maintain good teeth?

  • Avoid sugary food and drinks. Sugar is a major cause of teeth and gum diseases.

  • Help you child develop good oral hygiene habits: cleaning teeth with toothbrush and dental floss on daily bases. Parents might want to consider that at a certain age children don’t have enough coordination and might need help in using toothbrush.

  • Use tooth paste with high concentration of fluoride.

  • Help your child develop a habit of visiting a dentist. The fist visit to a dentist should take place before the age of three. It is essential that children develop a positive attitude towards dental care professionals. Our doctors and staff will help you with that.

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